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Africa-US air transport security cooperation

Four African countries including Ethiopia agreed to bolster cooperation with the US to ensure air transport security. Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt, countries which operate direct flights to the US, have agreed to strengthen cooperation with the US Transportation Security Administration ...

Ethiopian Parliament Appoints Dr. Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister

T he House of People’s Representative (HPR) has appointed the 42 years old Abiy Ahmed (PhD) as the next Prime Minster of Ethiopia on Monday. It was recalled that the ruling party Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front (EPRDF) has elected Abiya as reviewed the detailed reports of its ...

Dr. Abiy Ahmed Elected Chairperson of EPRDF

The council of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has elected Abiy Ahmed (PhD), Chairman of Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO), as its chairman today, Tuesday March 27. According to the party’s tradition and the past experience, the chairman of the Front is ...

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