US Provides Latest Security Screening Device to Ethiopian Airlines

The U.S. government has reportedly donated today the first latest body scanner device in Africa to Ethiopian Airlines. The device worth about 1.5 million US dollars will enhance the safety and security of its passengers.

US Provides Latest Security Screening Device to Ethiopian Airlines

US Ambassador to Ethiopia Michael Raynor said the new technology is the first deployment in Africa that will enhance Ethiopian’s ability to detect not only potential hazardous items but contraband items such as drugs and illicit wild animal products as well.

“Today we’re celebrating the installation of state-of-the-art equipment that will enhance the safety of millions of travelers who either visit Ethiopia or transit this important hub every year,” he said.

The airlines rapid growth comes with enormous benefit in terms of trade, tourism and investment opportunities not just in Ethiopia but in the US and beyond, Raynor elaborated.

“This growing connectivity opens a door for prosperity because we all know that we can’t have sustainable prosperity without security,” he stressed.

Ethiopian Group Chief Executive Officer, Tewolde Gebremariam said the new device will facilitate the security screening of baggage and passengers.

The CEO added that Ethiopian Airlines has been very safe in terms of security with the support of US Transportation Security Administration and the national security agency of Ethiopia. [ENA]

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